Dog Activity Trackers

Now you can track your dogs activity levels alongside your own. These colourful little devices that attach to your dog’s collar, work the same way human activity trackers work by monitoring activity levels, quality of sleep, distance travelled, calories burned, and overall health and behaviour 24/7.

These tiny units are waterproof and have a battery life for upto 6 months before they need to be recharged. The activity tracker can track your dog’s weight, water consumption, calories consumed, steps taken, sleep patterns and more. This is all easily achieved very simply with the smartphone app.  

If you have an overweight pooch that you vet has advised needs some lifestyle changes, the dog activity tracker records your dog’s progress. It allows you to share your dog’s health information with your veterinarian easily and you can both see the progress very clearly.

In the same way this unit can assist with obesity in pets, the Dog activity tracker can monitor orthopedic rehabilitation, osteoarthritis or changes in mobility. 

So now when your tracker or smartphone app reminds you to take steps when you haven’t been moving for a while, your dog’s tracker will remind you to take the dog for a walk!

Celebrate reaching 10,000 steps with your best friend and meet your daily goals together.