Embroidered collars - safe and sassy!

Why chose an Embroidered Collar over a tag?

1.   Comfort

A testimonial from our Mr Toby

“I love my embroidered collar.   I rumble with my sister Gracie, roll in the sand, the grass and even go swimming in it and when mum gives it a quick rinse….it comes up brand new!  Its tough and good looking yet soft and comfortable….just like me!”

Embroidered collars

2.   Safe

Your pets name and number can be sewn onto the colour in great colours….the brighter the better!

Nothing hangs off the collar that would choke or harm your pet, unlike tags.  Our staff at personalised pet, have heard many stories with sad endings of metal tags getting caught in decking.

Nothing will rust or leave stains on your pets fur or skin.  The colour wont run and there is nothing noisy about them……no responsibility taken for your fur babies personality!

3.   Need Something extra

Did you know we can embroider any special requirements onto the collar or lead.*

ID registration numbers, Im Deaf, Do Not Feed,  or  any other medical condition

*can occur a small extra charge

Testimonial from a human customer: 

We love the collars. So much better than have the tag with their details.

Our rusty was forever breaking the tags and losing them.

Lani, April 2015