Toilet Training your Puppy

Toilet training can be a little trying with some puppies. Some of them pick it up within a week, while others can take months. Consistency and patience is the key to successfully training your dog.

The trick is to remember that they don’t have full bladder control until 16-18 weeks of age and accidents will happen. Rubbing their noses in it doesn’t help and may make matters worse so just follow the steps below to help you successfully toilet train your puppy.

Understanding when your pup needs to go to the toilet is key. The main times your puppy will need to go to the toilet are:

  • After eating or drinking
  • After sleeping/nap

If you consistently take your pup to the place you want them to relieve themselves straight after eating, drinking or sleeping, you will have little to no accidents in no time.

Signs to look for:

  • Circling
  • Sniffing
  • Squatting
  • Sneaking off (especially if they have been harshly reprimanded for going in the wrong spot).

Puppies on average need to go to the toilet every 2-3hrs. But try and take them to their designated area every hour to begin with.

Use words like “toilet”, “wee wees” or “go now” when they go to the toilet and praise them when they do go. Just make sure they have finished their business and don’t get distracted while still going to the toilet. Treats also help in the early stages.

It’s always a good idea to use a lead initially when training your puppy or dog where to go to the toilet. This allows you to keep them close and in control of where they should go to the toilet. The slightest little distractions can get them off the task at hand but a slight little tug on the lead will give them a quick reminder of what they are there for and get them back to the job at hand.

If your puppy makes a mistake, clean it up without getting upset. Especially if you haven’t seen them do it as they won’t know what they are getting in trouble for after the fact. Your puppy doesn’t know any different and if you get mad at them, all they know is you are getting mad at them for going to the toilet, not that they have stained your expensive new rug. This will make them feel like going to the toilet is a bad thing. Puppies will not understand the difference between going inside and going outside. If you get cross they are likely to hide from you, whether it be inside or outside to go to the toilet. The best philosophy is to reward the good and ignore the bad and remember to be patient.

Good Luck!