Top 5 Summer Survival Tips - Keep your pets safe and happy this summer.

As the temperature heats up here are a few tips for keeping your furry friends safe and happy this summer.

1.     Be Water Wise

Always ensure your pet has plenty of fresh clean water every day and lots of it! Or make a giant ice block in an ice cream container and fill it with treats and toys. It will provide endless hours of entertainment for your pet and keep them hydrated. Here’s a great recipe we found over at
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2.     Never leave your cats or dogs in the car

Even on cloudy days, the temperature inside your car can skyrocket — even with the window down. Dogs in particular are at severe risk of heat exhaustion and death if left unattended in a vehicle. So if you are leaving your car, take them with you. If your furry friend is a dog you can join the RSPCA Pledge here to never leave your dog unattended in a car.

3.     Watch out for snakes

I was reminded only the other day about snakes as the weather heats up. If you go bushwalking, be careful to avoid any snakes in your path. And take your pet straight to the vet if they are bitten by a snake. If you have long grass in your backyard or nearby keep an eye out for any symptoms of a snake bite.

4.     Take them with you

If you are planning a little getaway there is plenty of pet friendly accommodation about these days. So why not take them with you. If you can’t take them with you make sure someone is able to look after them, either a friend or a kennel. Remember to book well in advance, especially in the holiday periods.

Don’t forget to keep your pets safe when travelling and fit them with a harness or put them in a travel create. We have a great range of seatbelt clips and harnesses available on our website here.

5.     Provide shelter 

Make sure you have somewhere your pets can escape the harsh sun. Whether you have a doggy door or cat door so they can retreat inside, a shelter outside or a kennel or crate. Give them a little oasis so they can escape the hot sun and beat the heat.

Have fun with your furry friends this summer and remember our tips to beat the heat!