Most Popular Dog Names we Embroidered to Custom Dog Collars this month.

Yet another month of 2020 has passed us by and it was one in which we thought we had made it past the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it appears that the celebration in Australia was a little too premature.

Dog Loving Hoomans in most Australian states have packed up the caravan or camper and have already set off to a number of dog friendly holiday accomodation sites within their state during Winter school Holidays.

Melbourne Dogs however are not so lucky and are preparing to once again be the sole provider of exercise for their Hoomans, as it look inevitable that the state is going back into lockdown once again.

For us here at Personalised Pet Collars, June was another massive month which ended up our busiest quarter since the business started back in 2003.

Right as the Corona Virus was starting to take hold in Australia was the time that I started working on the Marketing at Personalised Pet Collars, so it is hard to know how much of our growth in the March Quarter of 2020 was due to the impacts of the Covid-19 Virus on online shopping or due to the work I have been doing in regard improving and increasing our digital content, optimising the Website and massively improving our SEO score.

On my marketing services, I have set up a group called Organic Growth were I encourage and coach small business owners to better set their business up as not to leave money on the table, especially with digital media. The service is FREE while we are in the pandemic. It's my way of giving back while my business and family are not effected financially, so be sure to look me up or Message me through any of the Pet Collar social media pages.

Ok, it is time to get back to the reason for the blog which is to share all the things around Dog Names, Cat Names and what we were putting on our Custom Pat Collars here at Personalised Pet Collars in the month of June.

Let's do the Top 10 Pet Names starting with number 10.

10 - BENJI

A beloved Dogs name ever since the TV Show in the 70's which sadly most of us remember like it was yesterday. The name has had a bit of a run in the past year or so since a remake of the show into a film on Netflix in 2018.


Bella is a name always in the list but usually in the number 1,2 or 3 position. This month however the best Bella could do was tied 9th with male dogs increasing in dog collar popularity versus the female dog names that are more popular in our world. Bella in case you didn't know is related to the Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and Latin words for beautiful, it is often mistaken for Belle, which is the French word for Beautiful.


Another one of those old Pet Names making a comeback and one that is very English. Alfie is derived from the Old English name Alfred that means elf and counsel so not super relevant to our Pets, but a cute name that has been very popular in the UK and is becoming so now in Australia as well.

7 - HUGO

Hugo is another Boy Dog name making our list for the first time. It has a German origin meaning Mind so suits more savvy and intelligent Dog Breeds perhaps. Either way it is another of those short, cute, two syllable words that you will no doubt be hearing more at the local dog park or beach across Australia.

6 - COCO

This name is again another that is an oldie making a comeback. Traditionally linked with the thought of sophistication and luxury there is an almost elite aire associated with the name Coco, which many a pampered Poodle has adorned.


Teddy is another male Pet Name that is consistently making the top names on our Favourite Pet Name lists. It is a great name for those dogs and cats that you can't help but want to cuddle all the time.


Molly has been a super popular name of female dogs especially among English-speaking dog lovers world wide. Outside of just being a damn cute name, Molly means wished for child so makes a perfect Pet Name for those choosing to be a Fur Parent before becoming a Human parent.


I am led to believe that many dogs named Lily happen to be white in colour as the name refers back to purity. The Lily flower is a symbol of beauty, innocence, and purity so there is no confusing why. Let us know if your Pet named Lily is white ... I would love to know if that rumour stacks up.


You might already know a pup named Bailey as it is a great and very popular Dog name. The name means law enforcer or bailiff so no surprise that Dogs named Bailey are often loyal and good-natured and easily trainable.


This name is a nickname for Charles, and it means free. On our lists of the most popular Pet Names it is always in the Top 3. Outside of being a great name for a playful pup, it can be used for either male or female dogs which no doubt increases its popularity.

So that is it for another month, I hope you enjoyed learning of this months most popular names and a little bit of information around their origins and meanings.

We will see you all in July when we deliver all the news for the start of a new financial year.


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