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Collar & Lead Sizing & Pricing.

Below is the Sizing and Pricing Guide for Personalised Pet Collars and Leads.

Following it is a great guide to get the correct sizing for your Pet if you need help.

For Harness sizing, there is a seperate table at the bottom of this page. Harness sizing is very different to the collar sizing so please refer to it before ordering a harness as we can not return harnesses once embroidered.


 Collar Sizing Guide


Pet Measuring Guide.

To ensure the perfect fitting collar it is best to know your pets correct neck size.

The easiest way is to measure an old collar if you have one that fits well. See graphic below on the best way to do this.


If you do not have an old collar, you can use a soft measuring tape or piece of sting. Place the tape / string around your pets neck leaving a two finger width gap between the neck and the tape / string, this will give you the measure of your pets neck.

Then refer to the sizing chart above. 

Adjustment Tip for Best Use Of Embroidery.

Please note that if you select a collar that needs to be adjusted down toward the smallest adjustment size, that some covering of the embroidery will occur. So the best option to select the collar where the maximum adjustment is the closest to your neck size.

Harnesses & Accessory Sizing & Pricing.

Size Neck Chest Weight Price
Extra Small  23cm  26 - 38cm 1 - 3kg $28
Small 27cm 32 - 45cm 3 - 6kg $30
Medium 33cm 38 - 52cm 5 - 10kg $32
Large 38cm 50 - 70cm 10 - 15kg $35
Extra Large 42cm 60 - 80cm 15 - 20kg $37
XXL 50cm 70 - 85cm 20 - 30kg $42
XXXL 54cm 80 - 110cm 30 - 55kg $48
XXXXL  68cm

100 - 130cm

55 +kg $55
Seatbelt safety strap Large  large 25mm


- $18
Seatbelt safety strap Medium medium 20mm  - $15
Ute / Wagon safety strap Large large 25mm -


Double Walker Large
Large $21
Double Walker Medium Medium $19
Lamp Post Lead 1.8m long 25mm wide $25 
Above prices include embroidery


As a general rule, Harnesses run a smaller size than the collar sizing and it can be anywhere from 1-3 sizes different depending on your breed. So don't use your collar size as a guide, take a look at the table above and measure your pet to ensure the perfect fitting harness.

Pet Coat Sizing and Pricing.

Size Back Length Price
Medium 30cm $25
Large 35cm $28
Extra Large 40cm $32
2XL 50cm $33
3XL 60cm $35
5XL 70cm $38
Above prices include embroidery


All that is needed for coat fitting is the back length of your dog (see pic below).


 Back Length Guide