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The Skipdawg Whistling Ball is a toy designed to activate a dog's natural chasing instincts. When you whistle the ball, it will catch the attention of your dog and encourage them to chase, pounce, and catch it. Made with TPR material, the ball is lightweight, durable, and perfect for outdoor play. Additionally, it is abrasion-resistant, so it can withstand your dog's playful bites and scratches.

This flying ball comes with a built-in whistle, which makes it more attractive to your furry friends. You can throw the ball directly or use a launcher to throw it even farther, giving your dog a good workout while also providing them with a fun and stimulating experience.

Overall, the Skipdawg Whistling Ball is a great toy for dog owners who want to spend quality time playing with their pets. So, get ready to go outside and have some fun with your furry kids!