Partner with Us and Ensure the Safety of Your Clients' Beloved Pets

As your clients prepare for their well-deserved vacation or time away, ensuring the safety and security of their beloved pets is their top priority. We understand the importance of providing peace of mind to pet owners, and that's why we have an exciting proposition for you - become a Personalised Pet Collars partner!

By partnering with us, you can benefit in two great ways:

  1. Puppy Ambassadors:

Personalize our collars and/or leads with the name and contact details of your service. This serves as a fantastic marketing opportunity for your brand while the dogs are out on walks, and more importantly, it ensures their safety. To support your partnership, we are offering you an exclusive discount of 20% off any collar or lead you purchase from us. Take advantage of this offer to promote your brand and provide added peace of mind to your clients.

  1. Bonus Offer for Clients:

When you hand back each precious pup to their owners, why not offer them a little bonus? Share a unique 20% off code, exclusive to your kennel, and encourage them to purchase a personalised collar to keep their dog safe. Not only will this gesture delight your clients, but it will also drive sales and increase the visibility of your services. As an extra incentive, we will select winners at random throughout the year from our top kennel partners to receive an extra-special surprise bonus!

Partnering with Personalised Pet Collars will not only enhance the safety and security of the dogs under your care but also provide a valuable opportunity for you to promote your brand and offer additional benefits to your clients. We believe this partnership will be mutually beneficial, fostering a strong relationship between our businesses.

How to get started?

To get started or to learn more about our partnership program, please contact us at We look forward to collaborating with you and providing the utmost care and protection to our furry friends.