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Dog Saves Woman From Intruder.

I recently started watching some Dog Protection videos online after finding the Dog Dynasty Page on Facebook. Despite the content being really entertaining, I found myself always questioning the $20k - $70k families were spending to get a trained dog that will be part of the family while also protecting it.

Then I saw this online ....

A woman's dog may have saved her life after it came to her rescue and attacked a man who had broken into her house and started strangling her.

The 60-year-old woman from Parramatta was woken and allegedly attacked by a home intruder at around 4am on a Sunday morning in August.

Hearing the struggle in the women's bedroom, the dog burst into the room and attacked the intruder, allowing the woman to get away from her attacker and lock herself in the bathroom.

The dog responsible for stopping the potentially fatal assault as the man was forced to flee the scene.

The great news is that ...

Officers from Parramatta Police Area Command arrested a 34-year-old man in a home on Victoria Road, Parramatta about 10pm on Sunday. The man, who is known to the woman, was taken to Parramatta Police Station and charged with break, enter and assault with intent to murder.


Scam Targets Covd-19 Boom in Puppy Sales.

It is no secret that rescue inquiries and new puppy sales are Booming during the pandemic, our buddy Emma from Forgotten Souls Rescue says there has been a definite spike, at times in unprecedented numbers for both foster and adoption enquiries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is great for rescue organisations and shelters and for legit breeders, but unfortunately it has led to some of societies lowest to try and take advantage of it

… We recently saw this news

A man has been charged over an online puppy selling scam targeting people in multiple states and territories across Australia. Police allege ads for purebred blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies were placed on two online websites.

But when people sent money to a nominated account, contact was cut off and no puppies were delivered. Turns out the dogs never existed and the ads just used Staffy photos from various other websites.

Good news is a man has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception and use of false documentation to obtain financial advantage.

A search warrant was executed at the property and several items including computers and documents were seized. Police allege Mr Morris targeted people in NSW, Queensland, the ACT and Western Australia before getting caught.

We believe there could be as many as 40 to 50 other victims out there, Inspector Pietruskza said. Mr Morris was refused bail and will appear at Penrith local Court tomorrow.

So the lesson here kids … Don’t pay for anything before seeing it first hand, and maybe make Rescue as your favourite breed … as the number of scams circulating during Covid have increased to record levels, so buyer beware!


Is a Dog year really 7 Hooman Years?

The popular belief that a dog year is equal to seven hooman years has been debunked. A new study suggests that comparing one dog's year to a humans is a variable, with a one year old dog having a human age of 30, by the age of four it would be 54 and by 14 it would be comparable to a mid 70’s human being.

The research was done by students at San Diego’s school of medicine testing over 100 Labrador Retrievers ranging from puppies to wise old dogs. The test focused on epigenetic changes in the dogs.

The team observed DNA modifications that can switch genes on or off and compared the way particular molecules, known as methyl groups, accumulate in humans compared to dogs.

"The epigenome translated seven weeks in dogs to nine months in humans, corresponding to the infant stage when deciduous teeth erupt in both puppies and babies" researchers wrote in a preprint of the study."In seniors, the expected lifespan of Labrador retrievers, 12 years, correctly translated to the worldwide lifetime expectancy of humans, 70 years"

The findings revealed dogs have a more rapid accumulation of methyl groups in their genome than humans within their first year or so, meaning they age at a much faster rate. However, as time passes, the rate of ageing in dogs, compared with humans, slows down.

Researchers say the study now needs to be repeated on other breeds of dog.

Most Common Dogs - Winter 2020

If you have ordered from Personalised Pet Collars recently you would have seen that we have been giving away some cool Hooman stickers with orders over winter. To do this we have been taking breed information so have some data on what dogs our community have.

There were 31 breed stickers to choose from and here are their rankings of popularity.

1. Staffy
2. Labrador
3. Cavoodle
4. Kelpie
5. Border Collie
6. Jack Russell
7. Dachshund
8. Cattle Dog
9. Maltese Terrier
10. Poodle
11. Chihuahua
12. Golden Retriever
13. Labradoodle
14. Australian Shepherd
15. Spoodle
16. German Shepherd
17. King Charles
18. Boxer
19. Cocker Spaniel
20. Groodle
21. Mini Schnauzer
22. Bitza
23. French Bulldog
24. Beagle
25. Rottweiler
26. Bullmastiff
27. Pug
28. Greyhound
29. Lagotto Romagnolo
30. Great Dane
31. Bull Terrier


Top 5 Dog Names - Winter 2020

1. Ruby
2. Charlie
3. Bella
4. Toby
5. Lola

Top 5 Cat Names - Winter 2020

1. Molly
2. Oscar
3. Cleo
4. Oliver
5. Simba

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