How Pet Owners can be Social Media Influencers.

We now live in a world where social media holds the attention of most of us far longer than any other form of media. If you don't believe me, take a look at your time on phone stats or time on each social media you use stats and then compare that to how long you spent on the traditional forms of media ... namely Radio and TV.
While some think this is an alarming figure and most would probably try and reduce this number fearing some repercussion the reason that we spend so much time on social media is that in the most part it entertains us, but it also educates us and keeps us unto date on what is happening in the world around us and in the close knit community of friends and family.
And gone are the days where you just had Facebook ... now there is Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitch and probably another dozen that I failed to mention and another dizen in development about to launch.
And as fanatic Pet owners, the trend is not only to have personal social media accounts, but to also set up accounts for your fur babies, to document what they are doing and so fellow Pet people can watch them grow and hopefully entertain.
One thing not realised by pet owners that have set up social media accounts for their pets is that they have the chance to become a social media influencer and earn money and/or gifts for using their social media platform to promote their favourite products.
Like most products in any industry, but especially the Pet Industry, we here at Personalised Pet Collars have launched a micro influencer program where any pet page no matter their audience size can become an Influencer of our products on their social media pages.
The program is set up so you (the influencer) get a unique discount code that gets you and your audience a very handy 15% discount off all the products at our online pet shop
As the influencers community start to use the discount code, every dollar spent using on our website using it, the influencer will then get a 15% commission paid either as a cash payment (if they have an ABN and can supply an invoice) or the commission can also be paid to them in products to the value of the commission if they are not set up as a business.
The influencer program is perfect for Charities that are looking at creative ways to raise funds for their cause and have a big audience. It also works for Hoomans looking to spoil their Fur Baby more ... utilising your Pet Loving audience and your loving of posting Pet content could be a great way do it, especially on Instagram.
If this all sounds great and you want more information about out Pet Influencer Program or to sign. Send an email through to and we will get you set up as an influencer to represent our brand on your social media.
Below is a graphic we produced for one of our recent social media influencers. We use the photos on their Instagram and put their unique discount code on the graphic which they then promote on their page.
The general feedback is great as the influencer loves to share a discount to their community that allows them to get money off a great range of quality pet products like Custom Dog Collars, Personalised Cat Collars, Quality Dog Harness, Pet Bowls, Seat Belt Clips for Dogs, Dog Coats and Pet Shampoo.
Then for every dollar spent the influencer gets a commission, which the audience doesn't need to know about but that rewards them for building up their community and the hard work producing quality content throughout all their social media channels.

I hope you enjoyed the run down of our new program. We hope to hear from you and that you become one of our influencers in the future.

Thats all for now, take care everyone.

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