Most Popular Dog & Cat Names - May 2020.

Well yet another month of the year 2020 has been and gone and is now far far behind us. Now it is time to head into what will no doubt be one of the bizarre and strangest Australian Winters most of us have experienced during our young lives.

May 2020 for us was another record breaking month for Personalised Pet Collars, as the combination of a Covid-19 fuelled online shopping boom while people are stuck at home with not much better to do.

Also a record number of people walking their Dogs an unusually high number of times per day, also due to Corona virus not giving many opportunities to get out of the house and move like everyone is usually used to.

With so much dog walking going on, the realisation that they could do with new Dog Lead, Dog Collar or Dog Harness has lead to an unprecedented number of orders over the past month for us which something we are super fortunate and appreciative of being there are so many businesses out there not able to trade at all at the moment.

So again myself and the whole Personalised Pet team thank you and the one thousand plus fur babies that we made Custom Pet Products for during the month of May ... Your support means the world to us.

Like at the end of every month since I have taken the reigns as Marketing guru at It is time for an update on what is hot both names and products in the growing world of Personalised Pet Products ... so grab a cuppa and let me break it down for you.


Pets Names starting with the letter "S" took the trophy for being most popular letter this month. S was closely followed by last months runner up, the letter "B".

The most popular letter "S" name was the name Simba ... which unfortunately didn't end up making it to top 5 names overall list, but the volume of other "S" names managed to get the letter S to the top Letter of the Month for May 2020.



The colour Royal Blue in collars and the colour White in embroidery stitching was the most popular colour combination for Dog Collars and Cat Collars in the month of May 2020.

The colour Deep Teal in Collars with Champagne embroidery thread was a real close second this month. But Maybe due to the footy starting back up in Australia, supporters like Damo rallied behind the good ole Blue and White to get the job done. 

If you ordered a Blue and White collar this month, we would love to know if it was due to following a team. Drop us a line if you are a Bulldogs, Geelong or North Melbourne fan.



Letter A - Archie

Letter B - Bella

Letter C - Charlie

Letter D - Daisy

Letter E - Ellie

Letter F - Freddie

Letter G - Gypsy

Letter H - Harley

Letter I - Indy

Letter J - Jack

Letter K - Kitty

Letter L - Lola

Letter M - Millie

Letter N - Nala

Letter O - Oscar

Letter P - Parker

Letter Q - Queenie

Letter R - Ruby

Letter S - Simba

Letter T - Toby

Letter U - There were no Letter U Collars this month sadly 😢

Letter V - Violet

Letter W - Willow

Letter X - There were no Letter X Collars this month sadly 😢

Letter Y -Yoda

Letter Z - Ziggy

Some awesome names this month and just as a FYI we are still thinking of launching into Spring with another Letter Day promotion like we ran last month. So make sure you are on our Personalised Pet Newsletter to get an early heads up so you don't miss out when it happens. To sign up for the newsletter head to and scroll to the bottom of the home page and you will see the sign up tab then.

Ok, now for the part that you have all been waiting for ... it is time to announce the top five pet names for the month of May 2020.

Top 5 Names for May - 

NUMBER 1 BELLA - This is a name that is always threatening for the top spot each and every month. Bella is such a popular name for both Dogs and Cats and in May we embroidered Bella onto more Custom Pet Collars than any other name.

 NUMBER 2 MILLIE - Personally I have never had the pleasure of meeting a Dog or Cat with the name Millie, but there must be a lot out there as this month we produced over ten Pet Collars with Millie embroidered on to them.

NUMBER 3 CHARLIE - Having had a dog named Charlie we can totally get why everyone loves this name for a dog. One of our all time favourites to sew and our third most popular name for the second month in a row.

NUMBER 4 RUBY - Ruby has made it to our Top Five list for the very first time since we started keeping records and what a great name it is, well done Ruby.

NUMBER 5 LOLA - Lola is such a great name for both Cats and Dogs and that is why it was so popular in May and why it rounds out our Top Five Pets Names for this May 2020.


Once again we would like to extend a big Shoutout to all the Hooman's of all the Pets we produced collars for in May. Hopefully June is another record breaking month for new pets to our community and I look forward to sharing Junes Top Five with you all at the start of next month.

Just before I go, a remember that this month we have a deal that includes a FREE Shampoo and FREE Shipping (Valued at $33) for EVERY order over $50 in June.

No discount or coupon code is required, just head to and spoil your Fur Baby to the tune of $50 and you automatically qualify for the freebies which we will add to your order when packing them for shipping.

Thats all for now, take care everyone ... I will see you all next month.

If you are after personalised dog collars or custom cat collars embroidered in Australia, you are in the right place.

We customise our pet collars right here on the Central Coast of NSW in sunny Australia. Our personalised collars are embroidered with your pets names and your contact number so you can be reunited with them easy if they become lost.

Our collars, leads and harnesses come in a range of colours and are shipped anywhere within Australia and New Zealand. All custom made dog collars come with a 12 month warranty.

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