Why a standard Dog Collar is Useless

Pretty brutal headline hey? And I know it is very much unlike our normal content for our blogs posts which are always positive and informative, but I am totally right. A standard off the shelf, non-personalised dog collar has no real effective use for any dog owner.

This is something that I have never really given much thought to, but when I was doing the research and due diligence before deciding to purchase my in-laws small business Personalised Pet Collars it hit me as this is a point that gives our business a massive advantage versus other pet collar selling businesses in the industry.

To give everyone some context who has not yet purchased a dog or cat collar from us but have found this article. Personalised Pet Collars is a small business in the Pet Industry that makes custom pet collars for Australian Pet owners. They customised the collars by embroidering a quality pet collar with the dogs, or cats name and your phone number mostly, but you could put almost everything from deaf to anxious to friendly or to companion if your pet was going places that pets normally are not allowed. 

For the 15 years that they had been running the business prior to us taking it over, I had just assumed that the personalised collars were just a novelty thing that Pet Owners purchased to spoil their Dog or Cat not giving much thought as to just how relevant they make a Dog Collar versus the traditional offering.

So now knowing what we do to a dog collar when you consider a non-personalised dog or cat collars function, where in most cases it is worn purely just to hang a small 2 to 3 cm diameter Identification or ID Tag from, which ultimately when wet consistently, rusts and falls off the collar or gets caught up on something and rips the ID Tag from the collar, their function from an ID perspective is useless.

Also consider the unfortunate but all too regular situation where a dog becomes lost, maybe escaping the backyard during a thunderstorm where it is fretting and super stressed out. If you are trying to calm it down to be able to read an ID Tag to see who owns it, how do you get close enough to read the tag? The dog will not be wanting to be anywhere near you, so again a standard Dog Collar is used to hold an ID Tag that is useless in its core function.

Other than that I guess you can attach a lead to the standard collar to walk your pet. But anyone who has had the pleasure of walking their dog with a Dog Harness would never ever walk their dog again with a dog lead attached to a Dog Collar.

So why would anyone buy a standard dog collar ever again? When the other option of a Personalised Dog Collar is so much more appealing and practical?

The Dog's name that is embroidered to the collar is easy enough to read from a distance without having to physically grab the dog to be close enough to read the tag. So as soon as you are close enough to read the name on the collar you can start calming the dog by name, which most dogs respond well too and is way less stressful than getting in close to read a tag.

Then when the dog is calm enough you can easily get in close enough to call the number on the collar and inform the owner of the dog that they are out of the yard and the location from where they can collect them from … it is here that the owner can let the finder know of any behavioural traits they might need to know or anything useful to make the experience better for both the dog, the finder of the dog and the owner who has lost the dog.

So after this revelation I was convinced enough that the product that Richard and Julie created over 17 years ago was so good that it made an irrelevant product relevant again. Just by embroidering a name and phone number to a custom dog collar. No more rusty tags or tags that fall off the collar, no more collar that does nothing instead a fantastic looking and quality collar that is the best help to retrieve your pet whenever you may need it.

Before I leave, just a reminder that this month (June 2020) we have a great promotion running where if you spend over $50 at www.petcollars.com.au you will get FREE Shipping PLUS a FREE Shampoo added to your order.

T&C's on the website, while stocks last, so be sure to pick up one of those awesome custom pet collars I have just been blogging about.


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