Top 10 Dog Beaches Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a paradise for dog owners, boasting beautiful landscapes and stunning beaches. This coastal haven, stretching from Noosa in the north to Caloundra in the south, offers a wealth of opportunities for you and your furry companion to explore and enjoy. 

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Whether you’re a traveller seeking the perfect vacation spot or a local looking for new adventures, the Sunshine Coast has something for everyone. With numerous dog-friendly beaches, off-leash areas, and pet-friendly accommodations, it’s an ideal destination for a memorable outing with your four-legged friend. 

This guide highlights the best dog beaches Sunshine Coast has to offer, providing essential tips and reminders for a fun, safe, and comfortable beach day. From the serene shores of Noosa Dog Beach to the vibrant scenes at Moffat Beach Queensland, discover the top spots and make the most of your time in this beautiful region.

What’s Special about the Dog Beaches Sunshine Coast Offers

The Sunshine Coast, a gem of Queensland, is renowned for its stunning landscapes, vibrant communities, and unique charm that attracts visitors from all over. Among its many attractions, the dog beaches Sunshine Coast are particularly celebrated, offering a paradise for dog owners and their furry friends. Here’s why these beaches are exceptional:


The Sunshine Coast boasts a wide array of beaches, each catering to different preferences and activities. Whether you’re looking for bustling shorelines perfect for socialising or secluded coves ideal for a quiet retreat, you’ll find a dog friendly beach Sunshine Coast to suit your needs. 

The region’s diverse beaches range from expansive, open sands where dogs can run freely to more intimate, sheltered spots that offer a peaceful escape. This variety ensures that every dog, whether playful or serene, has a perfect place to enjoy.


photo - palm beach dog off-leash beach

Accessibility is a key feature of the dog beaches Sunshine Coast. Many beaches are equipped with essential amenities designed to enhance your visit. These include dog wash stations, shaded rest areas, and clearly marked off leash dog area zones. Such features make it easy to keep your dog clean, cool, and comfortable throughout your beach day. 


The Sunshine Coast fosters a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for dog lovers. The strong sense of community among locals and visitors enhances the experience of exploring the dog beaches Sunshine Coast. You’ll find a friendly, supportive environment where pet owners can connect, share tips, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings together. 

This sense of camaraderie is complemented by the region’s dedication to pet-friendly living, evident in the abundance of pet-friendly sunshine coast accommodations, pet-friendly camping Sunshine Coast options, and dog-friendly resorts Sunshine Coast. These accommodations ensure that your pet is as welcome as you are, making it easy to plan extended stays and enjoy the local hospitality.

Natural Beauty

Beyond the beaches, the Sunshine Coast is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. The region is characterized by lush hinterlands, pristine waterways, and picturesque coastal landscapes. 

photo - sunshine coast dog beach scenery

This scenic diversity provides a stunning backdrop for your beach outings, enhancing the overall experience. Whether you’re exploring coastal trails, enjoying panoramic ocean views, or simply relaxing on the sand, the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast adds a magical touch to every visit.

Outdoor Activities

The Sunshine Coast is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to its beautiful beaches, the region offers numerous parks, trails, and recreational areas that are perfect for exploring with your dog. From scenic hikes in the hinterlands to leisurely walks along coastal pathways, the opportunities for outdoor adventure are endless. 

The availability of dog friendly camping Sunshine Coast sites and extensive dog beach Sunshine Coast map resources makes it easy to plan a variety of activities that both you and your pet will enjoy.

Top 10 Dog Beaches Sunshine Coast

Noosa Spit Dog Beach

Located near the Noosa River, this popular spot is perfect for off-leash fun. The Noosa Doggy Beach is a favourite among locals and visitors, offering ample space for dogs to run and play. This Sunshine Coast dog beach is known for its beautiful setting, clear waters, and friendly atmosphere, making it a top choice for those looking to enjoy a day by the water with their pets.


  • Expansive off-leash areas
  • Clear, calm waters ideal for swimming
  • Proximity to Noosa’s vibrant town centre

Sunshine Beach North

This off-leash dog beach is ideal when the wind is from the west, providing shelter and a great spot for dogs to socialize and explore. The beach’s wide, open spaces and soft sand make it an excellent destination for dogs to run freely and enjoy the outdoors. Sunshine Beach North is also close to local amenities, providing easy access to refreshments and pet-friendly services.


  • Sheltered from western winds
  • Close to cafes and shops
  • Soft sand perfect for running and playing

Castaways Beach & Marcus Beach Dog Beach

Stretching nearly 4km, this beach is perfect for long walks and runs. It’s a fantastic off leash dog area, though the surf can be rough. The expansive shoreline provides plenty of space for dogs to explore, while the natural beauty of the area makes it a picturesque spot for a day out. Visitors should be mindful of the waves and ensure their dogs are comfortable in such conditions.


  • Extensive shoreline for exploration
  • Beautiful natural scenery
  • Ideal for long, off-leash walks

Stumers Creek Dog Beach

On the northern side of Coolum, this popular spot offers calm lagoon waters and a dog wash-down area, making it a top choice for dog beach Sunshine Coast enthusiasts. The lagoon provides a safe and enjoyable environment for dogs to swim and play, while the nearby facilities ensure convenience for pet owners. This beach is particularly popular for its relaxed atmosphere and scenic surroundings.


  • Calm lagoon waters
  • Convenient dog wash-down area
  • Relaxed and scenic environment

North Shore Beach, Twin Waters

Known for its calm waters at the Maroochy River entrance, this beach is perfect for swimming and playing off-leash. The gentle waves and serene environment make it an ideal location for dogs that enjoy water activities. North Shore Beach is also conveniently located near sunshine coast accommodation pet friendly options, making it easy to plan a stay close to this beautiful beach.


  • Gentle, calm waters
  • Ideal for swimming and water play
  • Close to pet-friendly accommodations

Point Cartwright Beach, Buddina

Located next to Point Cartwright Reserve, this beach allows off-leash access before 8am and after 4pm on weekdays, providing a safe environment for dogs. The beach’s proximity to the Mooloolah River and its scenic views make it a popular spot for both locals and visitors. The Point Cartwright Reserve also offers beautiful trails and lookout points, adding to the appeal of this destination.


  • Off-leash access during specific times
  • Scenic views and trails
  • Close to the Mooloolah River

Buddina Beach

This beach offers two off-leash areas, one at the northern end and another along the ocean-facing side, making it a versatile option for dog friendly beaches Sunshine Coast. The extensive beach area ensures plenty of space for dogs to run, play, and socialize, while the scenic ocean views provide a stunning backdrop for your visit. Buddina Beach is also close to local amenities, enhancing its convenience for pet owners.


  • Two designated off-leash areas
  • Scenic ocean views
  • Nearby amenities for convenience

Kawana Beach

A quiet stretch south of Kawana Surf Club, this off-leash beach is perfect for a peaceful outing with your dog. The long, sandy shoreline and calm waters make it an ideal location for leisurely walks and relaxed play. Kawana Beach is also near pet friendly camping Sunshine Coast sites, making it a great choice for those looking to extend their stay in the area.


  • Quiet and peaceful atmosphere
  • Ideal for leisurely walks
  • Proximity to pet-friendly camping sites

Moffat Beach Queensland

Moffat Beach Sunshine Coast is a great spot for dog lovers, offering beautiful views from the Moffat Headland Lookout and a friendly environment for dogs. The beach’s unique charm and welcoming community make it a favourite among locals and visitors alike. The combination of scenic beauty and dog-friendly amenities ensures a delightful experience for all.


  • Stunning views from Moffat Headland Lookout
  • Welcoming community atmosphere
  • Dog-friendly facilities

Ballinger Beach

A hidden gem, Ballinger Beach offers a serene environment for dogs to explore and enjoy the sand and surf. This quiet beach is perfect for those seeking a more secluded spot away from the crowds. The natural beauty and tranquil setting make Ballinger Beach a top choice for a peaceful day out with your dog.


  • Secluded and quiet atmosphere
  • Beautiful natural surroundings
  • Ideal for a peaceful retreat

5 Tips for Your Visits to Sunshine Coast Dog Beaches

Stay Hydrated

Bring plenty of fresh water and collapsible travel water bowls to keep your dog hydrated. Dehydration can occur quickly, especially in the heat, so it’s crucial to provide your dog with regular access to fresh water. 

photo - a dog drinking from a collapsible dog bowl at a dog friendly beach sunshine coast

Avoid letting your dog drink seawater, as it can lead to saltwater poisoning and further dehydration. Without clan water, even the best dog beaches Sunshine Coast offers won’t be fun.

Provide Shade

Ensure you have a shaded area to protect your dog from the sun. Excessive sun exposure can cause heatstroke and sunburn, especially in dogs with short or light-coloured fur. Portable beach umbrellas, pop-up tents, or beach canopies are excellent options to create a cool, shaded spot where your dog can rest.

Water Safety

Consider using a life vest to keep your dog safe in the water and prevent saltwater ingestion. Life vests provide buoyancy, helping your dog stay afloat and reducing fatigue during swimming. They are especially beneficial for dogs that are not strong swimmers or are new to the beach environment.

PetCollars AU Personalised Collar and Harness

photo - a personalised dog collar with name and phone number embroidery

Equip your dog with a personalized collar and harness from PetCollars AU for added safety and style. A collar with your dog’s name and your contact information embroidered on it can be invaluable if your dog gets lost. A well-fitted harness with name and phone number embroidery also provides better control and reduces strain on your dog’s neck during walks and play.

PetCollars AU Long Lead for Enhanced Security

Use a long lead to give your dog more freedom while ensuring they remain secure. A long lead allows your dog to explore and play at a safe distance, giving them the freedom to enjoy the beach while still under your control. This is particularly useful in areas where off-leash play is not permitted or when practising recall training. We offer personalised long leads with padded handles in different colours.

Be Prepared and Have Fun

Visiting the dog beaches Sunshine Coast offers can be a delightful experience for both you and your pet. Ensure you’re well-prepared with the right gear from PetCollars AU to maximize style and safety. Contact us at PetCollars AU today to get your special orders for pet products and enjoy the beautiful dog-friendly beaches on the Sunshine Coast to the fullest!

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