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Most people that I speak to that want to start their own business, want to for a myriad of different reasons. Some are sick of working for someone else and want to be their own boss. Some want to pursue their passion in an industry involving something they like or is their hobby.

Some want a change from what they have been doing for most their working life and flexibility in working hours. Some think that it is a path to untolled riches.

Whatever the reason, the internet has made it super easy to make your dream a reality. 

Global giants like Amazon, Ebay and Shopify have given a stage for anyone to find or produce a product / service, create a brand and then get selling.

I am not going to sugar coat it, business is hard and thus why so many small businesses fail. But if you are willing to learn, get outside your comfort zones and put in some work, everything you wanted business ownership to be could be yours and then some.

All that being said, I want to introduce you to Chris and Tarni Osbourne who are close friends of mine and recently set up a business called Pup Dog Photography. So who better to ask some questions around their business journey so they can share some tips and tricks around it.

Dog Photography

Q - Why did you want to start Pup Dog?

It’s the Australian dream, to work for yourself and do something you love and make a difference in your own way. We also wanted to make an affordable, yet professional option for pet photography. 

Q - What made you decide on a Pet Photography?

I have always loved animals and in high school that I started getting intrigued with photography. As time went on my love for both grew, but i noticed that most pet photography looked the same and was pretty bland. It was then that I decided to try my hand at pet photography, but instead of just capturing an image I really wanted to try to show the personality of the animal I was shooting.


Q - Were you working somewhere else when you started Pup Dog? (Was it a side hustle)

I was working as an Animal Attendant for Central Coast Animal Care Facility. Working with rescue dogs you learn how to handle all manner of dogs, whether they be highly timid or reactive and/or aggressive, which comes in handy. I was also able to stay connected to rescue by offering free photo shoots to boost the dog profiles and show potential families the true nature of these loving dogs.

Q - Biggest Challenge as a business owner?

Trying to get your name out there has been our biggest challenge, until word of mouth starts to spread its pretty hard going. 

 Pet Business

Q - Biggest reward being a business owner?

Being able to use our name to help spread the word on rescue dogs who are looking for their forever homes. Also, I've had several clients scared to take their dog/s to have their photos done. Having reactive dogs myself I know how upset I would be not being able to have my dogs around other dogs.

Q - What are the plans for PupDog in the future?

To meet as many dogs as I can. We are expanding and reaching out further on the coast and NSW. We would also love to turn pup dog into an Australia wide franchise so we can share our passion to make each individual animal shine in their own special way. 

Thanks Chris and Tahni, for pet owners wanting to looking into photography as a side hustle check out the PupDog website.

If you want to look at something outside photography and want some mentoring to help make it happen. I have set up a community group that is normally for ecommerce businesses, but can help with bricks and mortar / market business as well, just CLICK HERE to join.

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