Dogs in a Covid-19 World.

The world is one of those pesky once in a generation situations with the global pandemic that we know as Covid-19. 

And while we realise that there are many negative effects for people, hopefully the stimulus packages and the charity available due to the fact we live in an amazing country will limit the burn a little.

But despite the negatives, there are also a bunch of positives people are starting to realise around Corona too ... and I just happen to be one of them.

Personally, I have have enjoyed being able to take time to stop and take stock of all things in my life both personally and professionally. This is something that would have NEVER happened if Australia didn't have to shut down.

I have also loved spending time helping out my two daughters with their school work. While a little stressful at times, and yes they might just be a little more intelligent that me scholastically ... I now understand and appreciate just what it is that they do for those 7-8 hours a day I don't get to see them normally.

My house has never been so clean and decluttered and my yard ... OMG the gardens have no weeds and my grass looks like it is looked after by the greens team at the SCG. 

So the Dogs ... I already feel bad for them for the day when things return back to normal. They have never been so well loved, groomed and walked as they are right now.

Some days we are racking up 10kms of walk time, and I know we are not alone as Personalised Pet Collars has sold more Walking Leads since March 2020 than it has in the past 17 years we have been in business. We have seen so many new places around our local area too as we look for some variety in our walks.

I also think our two rescue dogs have been a fantastic support network both mentally and physically for our two girls. When they need a cuddle or some affection, they have it in spades and on tap. When they want a play companion, the pups are they're ready to go at a moments notice.

So to Covid-19 and to my rescue spaniels Manny and Mia, thank you!!

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