Most Popular Pet Names in April 2020

Hey Hooman's ...

Well it is the end of April (Can you believe it!!) and the questions we get asked most as a pet collar business are "what the most popular names we embroider onto collars?" and also "what collar colour combination is the most popular?" and to be honest it changes month to month.

So we thought it would be fun at the end of each month do a blog post of all the most popular things happening in our business. Not only does it give us something to do in between orders ... but it might help some of you that are looking for cool names for a new furry family edition or those struggling to work out which collar and thread combo to choose for their next collar.

So let's get to it ... here are all the Names and Numbers for April 2020.



We ran our "Pet's Letter of the Day" promotion and the letter M was the most popular of all the letters in the alphabet ... B was a close second with S coming in third.


Teal Collar with Champagne thread was our top colour combination for April. Second was Royal Blue Collar with Red thread and third Hot Pink with Black.


A - Archie

B - Banjo

C - Charlie

D - Diesel

E - Ellie

F - Frankie

G - Gus

H - Holly

I - Indie

J - Jack

K - Koda

L - Lilly

M - Maggie

N - Nacho

O - Olly

P - Poppy

Q - Quizz

R - Ruby

S - Stella

T - Teddy

U - No U Collars this month 😢

V - Vada

W - Winston

X - Xena

Y -Yuki

Z - Ziggy

We are thinking of doing another Letter Day promo in Spring this year, so keep an eye out for that.

Top 5 Names for April.






Big Shoutout to the 10+ Frankie's we produced collars for in April 🎈 to celebrate we are setting up the code FRANKIE20 which will get anyone 20% OFF their purchase in May, so for those that made it to the end of our blog ... WINNING!!

See you all again at the end of May when the next Names and Numbers hits.

Take Care.

 If you are after dog collars embroidered in Australia, we make custom pet collars right here on the Central Coast of Australia. Our personalised dog collars are embroidered with your pets names and shipped anywhere in Australia. All custom made dog collars come with a 12 month warranty.

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