Should You Buy Wet or Dry Food for Your Dog?

You would think that going to the pet shop to pick up some dog food which guarantees to provide the necessary nutrients would be an easy task right?

Well it ain't, let me tell you ... Grabbing the right food for your pets health can be quite a complex venture with so many choices all promising to provide the basic ingredients necessary for keeping them healthy and active.

Dog foods come in different varieties with multiple brands offering different
flavors and health benefits. On top, there is a whole raging debate between
wet food and dry food or a balance in between them.

So the question remains, which is the best food for your canine friend and how do you decide which one to choose?

Which type of food to be fed, wet or dry, is a matter of preference depending on the age, overall health, and per day calorie count of your dog.

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No matter the breed, it is important to make sure that they remain hydrated
and are getting the right amount of calories each day. In this article, we will
guide you to pick the best food option for your dog’s healthy diet.

Dry Dog Food and Its Health Benefits

It contains the right amount of carbs needed for your pet to remain healthy
and active.

● Carbohydrate Content: Dry dog food contains more carbs than
canned food. Due to which they can be given in different ways and are
generally crispy in nature. This carbohydrate helps to keep your pet
energetic and active throughout the day.

● Reasonable and Travel Friendly: It is fairly economical and can be
easily carried while traveling. Being comparatively budget-friendly, dry
dog food is preferred by many. It is the best option if you are planning
to travel with your dog as they are less messy and can be cleaned up

● Dental Hygiene: It contains essential nutrients at the right amounts
to keep your dog healthy and fit. Such food can also maintain the
dental hygiene of your canine.

● Better Storage: Dry dog foods are easy to use. It doesn't go bad
even when left open compared to canned food. And thus can be stored
for a long time.

Wet Dog Food and Its Health Benefits

In wet dog food, the protein remains in its natural state and provides the
maximum nutrients. It is easier to chew and suitable for puppies as well as
older dogs.

● Protein Content: Canned food contains more protein and moisture
than dry food. Due to its more protein and fat content, they are
tastier. As preservatives are used less in wet dog food, it is an ideal
choice for dogs who are getting obese.

● Moisture Content: It contains more water helping your pet remain
hydrated. This makes it easy for digesting the food without getting
bloated. The water content of the food helps with their hydration,
while the nutrients help them to fight off the illness. Besides, higher
moisture and water gives the feeling of a full stomach.

● Senior Pets: Dogs also love the smell of wet foods. Senior dogs often
lose some sense of taste and smell. Wet food enables them to retain
their interest.

● During Sickness: Canned food is preferred by dogs who are sick so
tha their hydration and other nutritional needs are met. When your pet
gets sick, wet dog food keeps the appetite intact due to its taste and a
healthy amount of protein. As such, it acts as a means of support to
overcome the illness.

● Picky Eaters: For picky eaters who want to diet only on wet food,
canned foods allow experimenting with flavor. It is also safe as they do
not cause stomach upset.

A Combination of Both Dry and Wet Dog Food

Ideally, dogs should be fed a combination of wet and dry food. It makes the
meal tastier and adds protein and water to the diet along with carbs. It has
to be kept in mind to calculate the calorie content when feeding them a wet
and dry combination meal. This will assist in maintaining a healthy weight.

Though some people prefer dry food for its convenience and low cost, while
others find canned food just an easy pick. But mixing up the foods will
enhance its benefits which positively affects the well-being of your four-
legged family member. For a nutritionally balanced diet, the healthiest
option is to mix both dry and wet dog food before serving it to your pet.



Dog Treats

Take into consideration the number of treats they get a day. Though treats
are just like the extra cheese topping on a pizza for your pets these too have
calories. Hence, you also need to keep the count of the daily treats and
chews given to them. Keep those treats down to less than 10% of their daily
calorie intake.

Regular Vet Consultation

It is always a good idea to regularly consult and have a chat with your vet. It
is important as it has a direct impact on the health of your pet. The calorie
measure of one cup of dry foods is not the same for all types. It varies in
ingredients depending on the brands. So get your vet to check the weight of
your furry friend. And in case of extra weight, you need to cut back on

Depending on some underlying illness and health risk factors, there can be
certain diet plans for dogs. So it is necessary to talk to your vet as he can
give expert advice and proper guidance on a nutritionally balanced diet that
focuses on treating the particular illness. The aim is to give a healthy diet to
keep your dog active.

In short, wet food makes for a tasty choice, more moisture, and better
protein quality. On the other hand, dry food minimizes the cost of the overall
diet. And with the combination of both, your dog is less likely to stop eating
even at the times of his illness. For senior dogs, the third option of mixing
dry and wet food is proven to be healthy.

You need to be mindful of the calories. Keep an account of the calorie
measure of both types of diet and make sure the combination has not
exceeded the daily calorie requirement of your dog.

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