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DOG & PUPPY COLLARS Extra Small - Embroidered
DOG & PUPPY COLLARS Extra Small - Embroidered

DOG & PUPPY COLLARS Extra Small - Embroidered

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Toy Dog and Puppy Collars Extra Small -  Adjustable length 20cm - 30cm, 10mm Wide

Toy Dog and Puppy Collars Extra Small -  Adjustable length 20cm - 30cm, 10mm Wide

Our pet collars have captured the hearts of many pet owners across Australia. Not only it is due to their unique and highly customisable embroidery feature, but also because of their exceptional quality and ease of use. 

As a standout product in the puppy collars market, our collars are designed to meet the diverse needs of both: toy dog breeds and puppies. These extra small puppy collars are more than just a functional item; they are a crucial part of your puppy's daily adventures and safety.

Recognised as some of the best embroidered dog collars in Australia, our collars offer a range of options to personalise with your dog's name and your contact details, ensuring they are always safe and can be easily identified. These features make our collars an important part of your puppy accessories collection, providing peace of mind in a stylish and durable package.

Our commitment to quality and detail has positioned us as a leading provider of puppy collars in Australia. We understand the importance of ensuring that the smallest members of your pet family are outfitted with collars that not only fit their size but also their personalities. 

Perfect Fit for Extra Small Dog Collars

Finding the right fit for toy breeds can often be a challenge due to their petite size. Our extra small dog collar is specifically designed to cater to the smallest of breeds, providing a snug, comfortable fit that ensures their safety without compromising on style. These adjustable puppy collars are perfect as they grow, adapting to their changing size and needs (to a certain degree, depending on the breed).

Not just any small dog collar, our puppy collars are the ideal choice for your growing pet. Embroidered with care and precision, these collars are a cute keepsake to cherish when your puppy outgrows their first dog collar if they are a bigger breed. Designed with durability and comfort in mind, they rank among the best embroidered dog collars in Australia, ensuring that your little companion looks as good as they feel.

Check out different sizes of our embroidered dog collars to size up when your puppy grows up. 

Our puppy collars, suitable for extra extra small dog collars, are essential for the safety and style of your miniature dogs and toy breeds. Whether you're searching for collars for little dogs or need a reliable puppy collar and lead, our collection offers superior quality and style, standing out as a top choice among puppy collars Australia offers.

The Ideal New Puppy Gift

Did a family member or friend recently welcome a new addition to their family? Celebrating the arrival of a new puppy is more meaningful with one of our beautifully embroidered puppy collars. 

These are designed to provide a unique and personalised touch that new pet owners will cherish. Perfect as a gift, these puppy collars are practical, useful, and add a distinct flair to a new puppy's daily life.

Best Embroidered Dog Collars Australia

Our commitment to local business and production solidifies our reputation for offering some of the best embroidered dog collars in Australia. Proudly based and manufactured along the Australian coast, we ensure each of our puppy collars reflects the high standards of quality and aesthetics that Australian dog owners expect.

Choose from a vibrant array of colours and personalised embroidery options, allowing for a truly customised experience. Our puppy collars stand out not only for their superior craftsmanship but also for their unique Australian identity.

Dog ID Collar Benefits

Enhanced Safety

Our puppy collars prioritise your pet’s safety above all. Each collar is meticulously designed to include your dog’s name and your contact number, so they can always find their way back to you if lost. This feature of dog ID collar enhances security and peace of mind, making our puppy collars an essential accessory for responsible pet ownership (in addition to a microchip, of course).


Constructed from materials that can withstand both vigorous play and harsh weather elements, our puppy collars are built to last for up to 5 years. They are machine washable, making maintenance effortless. This durability ensures that our puppy collars endure through all of your adventures, from city walks to countryside explorations, without losing their appeal.

Custom Fit for Any Breed

We offer a range of sizes to accommodate everything from extra small puppy collars to collars for little dogs, ensuring a perfect fit that is crucial for the comfort and safety of your pet. Our adjustable puppy collars are designed to grow with your pet, providing a comfortable and secure fit throughout various stages of their life (for a toy and small breed). 

This attention to fit and comfort makes our collars some of the most recommended dog collars on the market. By choosing our puppy collars, you are investing in a high-quality, durable, and stylish solution that protects your pet while enhancing their everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Extra Small Dog Collars

How do I choose the right size collar for my puppy?

To ensure a good fit, measure your puppy's neck and add about two fingers’ width for comfort. Refer to our size guide to find the appropriate collar size, keeping in mind that our collars are adjustable.

What makes your collars stand out among other puppy collars Australia offers?

Our collars are locally made with high-quality materials and can be fully customized with your pet's name and your contact information, blending style, functionality, and personal touch unlike any other.

How long will it take to receive my puppy collar?

Our puppy collars are crafted with care and personalised to your specifications. We typically dispatch all items within 5-10 working days from our Australian facility. Once shipped, delivery times can vary depending on your location. Orders within Australia generally arrive within a few days, while international orders can take up to 4 weeks. We use Australia Post and other reputable couriers to ensure your order arrives safely and on time.


Embroidered right here in Australia, these collars ensure that your little companion is always safe, stylish, and comfortable. Design your perfect dog collar with name embroidery today and give your pet a gift that they can wear with pride and joy. Contact us for any special requests and orders.

Please Note: 

  • Measure your pet before ordering to ensure the right size, refer to the size guide on our website HERE.
  • You may only enter one name and one phone number for embroidery. If you require any variation on this please email to discuss.
  • Your Collar is customised just for you so can not be returned for a replacement or refunded unless under warranty.